The Soundtrack To Your Next Bad Decision

by Proudest Angel

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Proudest Angel's first new album in over a decade!


released July 30, 2016

All songs written by Paimon / Raftree / Reilly / Bates
Except "I Like It Rough" by Lady Gaga, Mark Martin Kierszenbaum (not available on Bandcamp)
Engineered & Mixed by Ryan R. Reilly at Spookington Sounds
Mastered by Tom Whittaker at Presence Mastering



all rights reserved


Proudest Angel Chicago, Illinois

4 dicks from Chicago that play loud music!

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Track Name: Civilly Feral
So pissed that they're so weak
Aren't you?
Now you'll give what they get
Won't you?
Stand strong? So long.
I've already heard this song today
While you were saying you were done with me
I was already well on my way

(horses to water)

You think you got them fooled
Don't you?
So hard they cannot stand
Aren't you?
Whats wrong? Too strong?
“I can't believe you'd say those things to me!”
While you were busy playing little games
I was seeing what I had to see

I cannot ever repeat
I will not just go away

(so civilly feral)


I cannot ever repeat
I will not just go away
I cannot ever repeat
I will not just go away

Lead the horses to water
Horses to water
Lead the horses to water
But I'm in the hole
Track Name: Starlight
This isn't where I want to be today
But we both know theres no other way
After so many years we've been led astray
The time has finally come to awake

Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight
Just keep me warm and light
As I watch the fire burning right

I feel no more for the smoke
Than anyone does for Donar's oak
Though you've worked so hard to cloak
All the babes and elders you've choked

[Breaky thang]
Starlight, star bright, the only thing I wanna see tonight
Warm my hands in the light
As the fire clears the blight
The Blight
Starlight, burn bright, tear through this place tonight
Just keep me strong and light
As I witness the Roman go to white
Star bright
Star bright
Star bright
Track Name: Anathema
Theres nothing worth the time to say
This debt has gone too long unpaid
I know I should be so afraid
But I have found my instincts
I taste the wine upon your lips
And know this is not your first kiss
There is no blood that I will miss
And I must take my leave

Anathema maranatha

Once more with this familiar motif
Another goddamn song of grief
But we are past the time of fief
With a smile I stop the keening
Theres voices beyond where I can see
The whispers press insistently
I hear them calling out to me
They were not dead just dreaming
Track Name: Canto Dolor
Here comes my old friend
Knocking on my door again
Here comes my old friend
Once again...
Here comes my old friend
Canto dolor the song of pain
Here comes my old friend
Once Again

I can still see the layout of the place
Crystal clear remembrance
Save the skull thats now his face
A gun on the counter, mnemonic hells
The tears well in my eyes
So innocent, such injustice they were deaf to all my cries

Whats a child to do with no more tears to cry
Dying in his own life
Wanting to believe a lie
A child's prison
Four by four by six
Face down, forty four upon the urine reeking floor
And I say
Track Name: We Had Fun
I tried to fill this hole for years
With the fucking the fighting the food and the beers
But when the adrenaline disappeared
I still didn't feel anything

Recite the words like a spell
Go to hell you could never tell
I was fighting for what I lost when I was three
No matter how low I would go
With the blow or the show I would always know
Better than the folks who lived their lives slow

I was a young man
With attitude
Looking for trouble so I could prove
That I wasn't scared
I was never scared!

And this was the way we were when we were still young
Chasing blackouts and fights saying 'god, we had fun'
Hoping when its done we could say we had a good run
We were stronger, then we should have had to be